The Benefits of Bright and Beautiful Pavers!

Pavers are an excellent cosmetic for your home and are a great way to frame your lawn. Time and bad weather can wear down these bricks and take away their positive impact on your home—booking P.S.I. Pressure Washing & Exterior Cleaning for paver restoration and cleaning these areas can bring life back to your house.
Keep reading for what to expect from getting your patio pavers restored.

Durability and Functionality

Pavers provide pathways to organize your lawn. They outline your landscape and keep foot traffic away from your grass. Additionally, these paths create a smooth pathway for your cars to drive up to the garage without getting the vehicle dirty.
The functionality of brick pavers doesn’t end in their appearance. They are exposed to a lot of wear and can lose their original, vibrant color. Dull pavers blend into their environment and lose their charm.
Walkways built with brick paths can make your home more inviting and draw attention to the entrance. Don’t risk letting the tops get muddled and overswept with dirt. Reclaim your brick with paver resanding and general cleaning.
Another risk of neglect is potential shifts in the tiles, which leave uneven gaps in the design. In extreme cases, this can lead to a tripping hazard from bricks jutting upward. It will qualify as a risk if this exceeds a ¼ an inch difference.

Prevent Weed/Moss Growth

Over time, weeds will likely begin to poke through and disrupt the neat look they provide between the gaps of your driveway and paths. Unfortunately, this can contribute to further damage beyond the surface appearance.
If the problem is ignored, moss and algae growth, turning your brick walkway into a slipping hazard. The plant is difficult to remove and can risk injury if untreated. There are various methods to remove this nuisance, but it requires hard work and doesn’t guarantee results.
Instead, going with a professional paver cleaning company will ensure your brick walkways get the treatment needed to remove any harmful growth. Professionals will thoroughly remove moss and algae and provide stain removal for your pavers.

Experience Revitalized Pavers Today

Don’t let time and wear diminish your patio pavers. Experience what getting your exterior cleaned by a professional can do for your home. Reach out to P.S.I. Pressure Washing & Exterior Cleaning, bring back the stunning walkways that frame your yard and entrance.