How Brick Paver Cleaning & Resanding Transforms Your Home

After Brick Paver Restoration In Central NJ
Bricks offer a hard-wearing, practical surface for your walkways and driveways while providing visual appeal and an air of luxury. However, moss and mildew, vehicle leaks such as oil and grease, and tracked or blown soil can combine to mar the looks of your pavers and even impact safety as the risk of slipping increases.
PSI Pressure Washing provides professional paver cleaning in northern New Jersey. We also offer paver resanding with polymeric sand – learn more about these services below.

How to Achieve The Best Outdoor Brick Cleaning

You could try pressure washing your hardscaping, but without the proper knowledge, equipment, and cleaning solution, you could damage it. You’re better off going with a professional service.
Brick is different from concrete or asphalt, so that you would be best served by a company with expertise and experience cleaning it. PSI Pressure Washing technicians are specifically trained in paver cleaning and have equipment designed to lift the grime without damaging the bricks.
Moreover, our cleaners are biodegradable, so they won’t harm your family, pets, or the natural environment.

Paver Resanding With Polymeric Sand

If the joints in your pavers are filled with sand, paver cleaning with a pressure washer will result in some removal of this material.
PSI’s solution to this challenge is to perform paver resanding with polymeric sand. This unique material looks and feels like sand but hardens to a cement-like consistency on exposure to moisture while allowing water to soak through rather than pooling on top. It’s also flexible, so it accommodates slight movement of the bricks due to thermal effects.

PSI Pressure Washing

PSI Pressure Washing offers excellent paver cleaning services to customers in northern New Jersey. We can restore your brick hardscaping to pristine condition and offer paver resanding with polymeric sand, enhancing its functionality and esthetics.