Soft Washing – Why The Right Choice For Your Home

Pressure washing gun


As warm weather approaches we begin spending more of our quality time with family outdoors. Do you find yourself distracted by the condition of your home? Have the previous seasons left the outside of your home with layers of dirt, pollen, and bird droppings? If so it is time to schedule a house wash. But beware! Not all companies have the extensive experience that PSI Powerwashing crews possess. For example, did you know that the best choice for your home is not pressure washing, but a process referred to as soft washing? See the list below to learn what the differences are and why it could make a difference in the protection of your largest investment – your home.

Soft Wash:
1. Gentler on the house exterior to not strip or ruin paint, wood, shingles, or vinyl.
2. Soft washes use special mixes of soap and other ingredients with lower water pressure to get the job done without the often damaging high pressures from pressure washing.
3. Better for home use because the low pressure and soaps will effectively clean without ruining it.

Pressure Washing:
1. Uses high-pressure water tanks to clean tough surfaces.
2. Better suited for industrial-type settings as they can generally handle higher water pressures.