Parking Garage Cleaning for Slip and Fall Safety

Parking Garage & Concrete Cleaning NJ

Every year, more than 1 million people are admitted to the emergency room because of a slip and fall accident. These injuries aren’t just traumatic; they’re a serious liability.

Regular parking garage cleaning and hardscape maintenance is a simple way to protect your property, your employees, and your customers from these accidents.

Understanding the risk of slip and fall accidents

As a commercial property manager or owner, it’s important to grasp the risks that come with slips and falls. Consider that:

  • According to the OSHA, same-level falls are the second-highest workplace injury cause, costing nearly $8 billion annually
  • 65% of slip and fall injuries result from a same-level fall
  • The buildup of oil, grease, and beverages are some of the most common fall causes
  • One out of six employee medical leave cases are caused by slip and fall accidents
  • On average, a slip and fall accident will cost an employer $40,000

With a professional parking garage cleaning service and hardscape pressure washing, you can set your property up for safety. It’s a low-cost way to protect your business – and it’s an easy way to safeguard everyone who visits.