PSI Soft Wash House Washing

PSI Soft Washing Service

PSI Soft Washing Service

 As a homeowner, you want your home to look its best. After fall and winter in New Jersey, and during heavy rains in the spring, the exterior of your home may be looking a little worse for wear. Aside from just being unclean, a buildup of dirt and contaminants can cause damage to your home if left untreated.

That’s why so many homeowners in New Jersey choose PSI Pressure Washing & Exterior Cleaning for regular house washing soft wash services. Their soft wash method offers more benefits and a better clean than high-pressure power washing and similar techniques.


Why is Soft Washing Better?

Many companies credit high-pressure power washing as the “solution.” But this outdated method causes more harm than a benefit — from water penetrating the exterior of the home and causing water damage to damaged siding or other exterior materials, it can also ruin landscaping, damage window seals, or even remove paint, leading to more hassle and expense down the road.

The better alternative is a soft wash service only that uses low-pressure equipment that transfers water and cleaner without force onto your exterior. It’s also more cost-effective and delivers a cleaner end-result.


Why Choose PSI Pressure Washing?

Our detergents are pet and plant friendly and work as a mold inhibitor to keep your siding looking at its best for a longer period. We’ve seen too many homes that have been harmed by high-pressure washing techniques, and we’re proud to provide a safe replacement for our customers.