Spring Into the Season with a Clean Deck!


Are you planning your spring cleaning schedule? Have you remembered your outdoor jobs? Getting the outside of your home looking great gives you a real sense of achievement. But, more than that, it can improve the quality of home living and help your outdoor features last longer. Take your deck, for example. Getting an expert team in to pressure your deck could give it a new lease of life. Here’s why.


Pressure Washing Your Deck Removes Mildew


No matter how often you use your deck, mildew can set in over winter. If untreated, it can make your deck slimy and slippery, causing a potential safety issue. Pressure washing a deck blasts away the mildew growth without damaging the trex or composite decking, creating a safe place for you to sit outside and enjoy the spring weather.


Lengthen the Life of Your Deck


Having your deck professionally cleaned can make it last longer. Lack of maintenance can lead to mold, which can damage the trex or composite decking. You might not notice small cracks filled with debris, which can encourage tiny insects and other organisms. Regular cleaning makes sure the only ones enjoying your deck are you, your family, and your friends!


Improves Your Property Value


If you’re spring cleaning because you’re thinking of selling your home, take into account that a clean, well-maintained deck can massively improve property values. Talk to the team at PSI Pressure Washing for more advice on sprucing up the outside of your home or for a free estimate.