PSI Residential Brick Paver Cleaning


If you have a brick paver segment of your home, you know two things for sure: how beautiful they are and how vital proper maintenance is for your residential brick paver setup. The second part? That’s where PSI Pressure Washing of New Jersey comes in.

PSI Pressure Washing is the outfit to turn to for professional brick paver cleaning services. With PSI, you can preserve the beauty that is already there or re-freshen the look for a “curb appeal” boost. Brick pavers are a unique surface. They’re a complete decorative asset, providing visual appeal, lasting value, and space aesthetics. On the other hand, they’re also functional; brick pavers get some of the most traffic on your property.

What does that mean? Well, if they’re not properly maintained, the negative impact can’t be hidden. Pavers need to be able to stand up to activity from people, vehicles, and even pets. They need to look great no matter what the weather. They need protection from grease, oil, and other vehicle leaks. Such as stains that penetrate the surface, and dirt, dust, and other embedded buildup.

Turn to the professionals at PSI Pressure Washing of New Jersey for your brick paver cleaning services. We offer the best technology to our customers with a complete service that restores your hardscapes to their pristine condition. We use a customized power washing technique with polymeric sand technology and biodegradable cleaners to deliver the highest-quality wash possible.

Ready to get started with PSI? We service the counties of Hunterdon, Somerset, Warren, Middlesex, and Union. Contact us today for a free estimate!