PSI Multi-Unit Services

White Apartment Complex

Multi-unit complexes such as condos, hotels, and resorts require complete routine cleaning to offer residents and visitors the most pleasant experience. The safety and hygiene of entire communities are at stake when maintaining multiple accommodations. Business owners and site managers cannot afford to leave matters to non-specialized handymen or have the luxury of working with several cleaning companies all at once. Yet something needs to be done fast – professional reputations are on the line!


For situations like these, multi-unit complexes can benefit from reliable one-stop cleaning specialists such as PSI Pressure Washing & Exterior Cleaning. Managers and owners can save money and valuable time by hiring a multi-talented expert that handles every aspect of on-site cleaning with unmatched efficiency.


Why Choose PSI Pressure Washing & Exterior Cleaning?


We use commercial-level products and equipment guaranteed to produce spotless results. Our well-experienced staff is insured and certified to provide premium service standards with satisfaction guaranteed. With over a decade of cleaning expertise, PSI offers tried and tested comprehensive solutions which include:


Concrete Washing – we use controlled steam pressure to eliminate unsightly blemishes such as mold, grease, and bubblegum from sidewalks and outdoor yards to leave winning first impressions.


Roof Cleaning – our soft-washing techniques remove scum and contaminants from unreachable areas while gentle on delicate roof parts.


Overall Building Washing – we apply pressure washing systems that remove the most stubborn stains on your buildings’ exterior to maximize curb appeal.


PSI Pressure Washing & Exterior Cleaning will maintain a sparkling and inviting environment for your occupants and visitors to bring out the best in your complexes.