Cleaning For Multi-Apartments Made Easy


As a property manager deals with a hectic schedule, you might lack time to provide multi-apartments with the quality cleaning they need. However, it is a priority to keep shared spaces and exteriors safe and hygienic at all times for all visitors and tenants. Therefore, it’s necessary to reach out to a professional cleaning company. 


However, rather than juggling various vendors for your cleaning/washing needs, a one-stop specialist like PSI has the tools and expertise to provide consistent quality without confusion. 


Multiple Specializations 

Each major part of your property requires a specialized cleaning approach – such as the roof, concrete walkways, and parking areas. Therefore, a general cleaning company might lack the tools and knowledge to achieve the desired results. PSI’s reliable technicians are trained, certified, and insured to carry out a wide range of cleaning services, with access to the most advanced solutions for a deep clean. 


The experts at PSI alternates between pressure and soft washing methods, utilizing each technique according to specific structure needs. Pressure washing works effectively in removing grime, mildew, and other stubborn stains from resistant concrete structures. Alternatively, soft wash involves controlled water pressure that goes easy on delicate components (i.e., roof shingles) while navigating inaccessible nooks. 


Continuous Maintenance


PSI provides follow-up cleaning for your apartments, including areas with high foot traffic such as breezeways, sidewalks, and driveways. As such, you can rely on experts to keep your units clean and presentable while you stay busy with other aspects of managing your business.


Locally Owned Expertise 


The cleaning experts at PSI understand the common concerns of New Jersey property managers and the solutions to ease those woes. With over a decade of on-the-ground service in the area, PSI’s technicians have a keen eye for detail that ensures pristine exteriors without missing a spot. 


Request a free quote from PSI today to maintain spotless multi-units from a single point of contact.