Get Your Home Exterior Ready for the Holidays

House Washing

The holiday season is just a few months away – and while you’re gearing up for the festivities, it’s vital to make sure your home is on the same page.

Here’s the thing. Those holiday lights have a way of throwing the eyesores on your siding into sharp relief. Our goal is to make every single twinkling light bring out the best in your home. And we do it with house washing.

Why We Soft Wash

Your property’s exterior cleaning needs are a balancing act. On one hand, your siding accumulates lots of eyesores – dirt, mold, mildew, and moss are common culprits. On the other hand, your siding wasn’t designed to deal with a lot of force.

In short? Your home needs a gentler touch. But it also needs a cleaning solution that can make an impact.

That’s why we use soft washing for your home exterior. This professional cleaning method isn’t just safe and effective. It’s also recommended by siding manufacturers as the cleaning solution of choice. With soft washing, you get:

  • Mold and algae removal.
  • Our cleaning products are designed to break down organic matter. But they take the cleaning process one step further. Our detergents kill existing mold and mildew. So, the spores won’t reappear down the road.
  • Siding safety.
  • Soft washing uses equipment that emits water at a low PSI – that’s pounds per square inch. This means that your siding isn’t getting exposed to the force of traditional pressure washing, which can warp, crack, and irreversibly damage the surface.
  • Benefits that stretch beyond the holiday season.
  • Our house washing service prioritizes quality – and we achieve this in the equipment we use, the professional development we invest in, and the customer service promise to follow. As a result, you get quality that lasts (and curb appeal that shines!).

Your holiday lights should showcase your beautiful home. With a house washing service from PSI Pressure Washing, you can get your exterior ready for all the festivities ahead.