Clean Siding = Amazing Curb Appeal

Front elevation of beautiful home lit up at twilight.

When you think of a home with amazing curb appeal, your first thoughts may be of impressive landscaping or fresh paint. But, don’t forget the power of CLEAN. No matter what updates you make, they can only look their best when your home is free of dirt and grime. 


At PSI, we use a gentle, soft washing solution to protect your home’s exterior surfaces. We proudly serve Clinton, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas, helping homeowners to remove the grime left by mid-Atlantic elements. Our services provide a cost-efficient boost to your home’s curb appeal.


Amazing Curb Appeal


The mid-Atlantic climate can be brutal on New Jersey homes, leaving behind a residue of mold, mildew, algae, and other debris. These elements not only affect your home’s curb appeal but the value of your home as well. For many people, the home is their most valuable investment. At PSI, we protect your investment by cleaning with products that are safe and gentle. Our approach helps to improve both curb appeal and home value. 


Techniques Backed by Experience


At PSI, we have years of experience in helping our customers with their power washing needs. Our team uses a combination of hot water, low pressure, and safe, industry-approved detergents to remove the residue and buildup on your siding. This buildup often consists not only of dirt and mildew but also bacteria that can damage the integrity of your siding. Our soft wash techniques can ensure that your home will have amazing curb appeal by removing this buildup. In addition, soft washing protects the life of your siding by removing this potentially harmful buildup. 


Satisfaction Guaranteed


Because your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, we give you only our best. Our techniques, products, and expertise are the perfect combination for ensuring that your home receives the best quality cleaning. You can expect great things from PSI Pressure Washing because we hold ourselves to a higher standard. 


Our years of experience and genuine dedication to your satisfaction make us the reliable choice for your residential power washing needs. Contact us today to bring out the very best in your home’s curb appeal!