3 Ways PSI Can Prepare Your Home for Thanksgiving

Autumn tabletop for Thanksgiving gathering

Excited to host Thanksgiving for friends and family this year? Get your home looking amazing before they arrive with a little help from PSI Pressure Washing. As well as making your property look more inviting, our pressure washing services will help keep your home safe and warm for you and your guests.

1. House Washing

Has it been a while since you’ve hosted visitors at your home? This is a great chance for you to make a positive impression, and investing in house washing will have your home looking brand new. A clean house provides the perfect backdrop for Thanksgiving decorations and outdoor family photos. It’s smart to arrange your house cleaning now before you put up lights for the Christmas season.

2. Paver Washing

Have your paved areas seen better days? Pressure washing is an effective way to blast away the dirt and grime, making your paving stones look brand new. This is perfect if guests are driving to your property and you want to create a pleasant, welcoming space for them to park in. A good pressure wash also reduces the risk of anyone slipping on mossy or muddy paving stones, which is particularly important if you’re hosting elderly relatives.

3. Roof Cleaning

Getting your house washed is a great start, but your property won’t really sparkle until you tackle the roof as well. Roof cleaning removes ugly stains, moss, and algae, making your roof look as good as new. Dealing with these issues also prevents costly long-term damage to your shingles. Cracked or broken shingles can be expensive to repair, and they make it harder to keep your house warm. Make the effort to keep your roof in good condition, and your home will stay warm and comfortable all holiday season – without an astronomical heating bill.


Ensure that your home makes a great impression this Thanksgiving with help from PSI Pressure Washing. Contact us for a free estimate today.